Mild Steel Sheet c45 material

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    Thickness: 6-420mm Width: 100-4200mm ... More
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    1 tons.We also can accept sample order.
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    P235GH/P265GH/P355GH/16Mo3/13CrMo4-5/10CrMo9-10/12CrMo9-10P275N/P355N/P460N/A516/SA302/A387/A516 ... More
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Main Steel Grade:
A36,SS400,S235JR,S355J2,S355JR,S355K2,S420N, S690Q,A283GRC, A572Gr70, A514GrF,A588GRA,A588GRB,S460Q,S690QL1,More Details, Kindly Check The Table As Follows.

ASTM A36/A36M: A283Grade A,A283Grade B,A283Grade C,A283Grade D,A36

ASTM A514/A514M:A514Grade A,A514Grade B,A514Grade CA514Grade E,A514Grade F,A514Grade H,A514Grade J,A514Grade K,A514Grade M,A514Grade P,A514Grade Q,A514Grade R,A514Grade S,A514Grade T,

ASTM A572/A572M:A572Grade 42,A572Grade 50,A572Grade 55,A572Grade 60,A572Grade 65,

ASTM A573/A573M:A573Grade 58,A573Grade 65,A573Grade 70,

ASTM A588/A588M:A588 Grade A,A588 Grade C,A588 Grade K,A588 Grade B

ASTM A633/A633M:A633Grade A,A633Grade C,A633Grade D,A633Grade E,

ASTM A656/A656M:A656Grade 50,A656Grade 60,A656Grade 70,A656Grade 80,

ASTM A709/A709M:A709Grade 36,A709Grade 50,A709Grade 50S,A709Grade 50W,A709Grade HPS50W,A709Grade HPS70W,A709 Grade 100,A709Grade 100W,A709Grade HPS100W,


ASME SA283/SA283M:SA283Grade A,SA283Grade B,SA283Grade C,SA283Grade D,

ASME SA514/SA514M:SA514Grade A,SA514Grade B,SA514Grade C,SA514Grade E,SA514Grade M,SA514Grade P,SA514Grade Q,SA514Grade R,SA514Grade S,SA514Grade T,

ASME SA572/SA572M:SA572Grade 42,SA572Grade 50,SA572Grade 55,SA572Grade 60,SA572Grade 65,

ASME SA573/SA573M:SA573Grade 58,SA573Grade 65,SA573Grade 70,

ASME SA588/SA588M:SA588 Grade A,SA588 Grade B,SA588 Grade C,SA588 Grade K,

ASME SA633/SA633M:SA633Grade A,SA633Grade C,SA633Grade D,SA633Grade E,

ASME SA656/SA656M:SA656Grade 50,SA656Grade 60,SA656Grade 70,SA656Grade 80

ASME SA709/SA709M:SA709Grade 36,SA709Grade 50,SA709Grade 50S,SA709Grade 50W,SA709Grade HPS50W,SA709Grade HPS70W,SA709Grade 100,SA709Grade 100W,SA709Grade HPS100W,





JIS G3101:SS330,SS400,SS490,SS540,

JIS G3106:SM400A,SM400B,SM400C,SM490A,SM490B,SM490C,SM490YA,SM490YB,SM520B,SM520C,SM570,

DIN 17100:St37-2,USt37-2,RSt37-2,St37-3,St52-3,





混凝土动力弹塑性分析的材料非线性参数取值 - Yusd的


Leine & Linde (Deutschland) GmbH 861900110

Jul 21, 2014· Schmoll KRS 16B,z=13,"Material: C45 Raw part no.: 200.250-013 manufactured according to drawing:10035040"

St37-2/St37-3/St44-2 ist ein deutscher

Keine neuen Material USt37-2 1,0036 1,0112 alt, RSt37-2 Old 1,0114 1,0038 Zahl der neuen Materialien St37-3 Nr. 1,0116 neuer Materialien verwendet 1,0116,


Oct 30, 2012· d= 66x588;material : st60/c45; vdma-part-no. : 210 ksb 419x25,9-39;turn off to 398 mm; vdma-part-no.: 230; machined impeller at commission;

断口学的发展及微观断裂机理研究 - 扫描电镜的日志 -

Fractography retroestimating fatigue stress and its application on blade fracture analysis in engineering material . fracture analysis in C45 steelspecimens

turck FCS-G1/2A4-AP8X-H1141 turck WAK3

+70 PT 25 bar 05/04 Sealing material NBR/EPDM Turns OPEN-CLOSE:19 PN 16,DN200. DEUFRA 12123870.01. SIEBE PNEUMATIC C20DE045, Infor: Micro cylinder D20 C45.

Balluff BTL7-E170-M0075-B-KA05 - 欧洲工

Consisting of :; 4 pcs flat gasket 400.1 / material DPAF; 1 pcs mechanical seal 433 / material Q1Q; Micro cylinder D20 C45 SIEBE PNEUMATIC S130815047372.

BALDOR CB10000C02有货!特价! - magarover的日

New! Delta C45 Hydraulic Pump 3HP Baldor CM3611T 23 GPM Material Blower with Baldor 15Hp Motor Baldor 20hp Pump Motors Baldor Motor

Investment casting 精密铸造 - Brice的日志 - 网易博客

The material follows the ISO and ASTM standard . 1 Carbon steel: 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, WCB,WC6,WC9,C45, C20 etc. 3. Low carbon alloy steel: 15Cr3


材料强度的标准值与设计值 一、材料强度标准值 二、材料强度设计值 一、材料强度标准值(characteristic value of material strength

【导磁板】导磁板价格_导磁板批发_导磁板厂家 -Hc360

型号: c45 材质: 冷扎带钢 导磁板 magnetic material.

碱矿渣混凝土应用技术指南 -

J×××××-20** DB. 重庆市工程建设标准. DBJ50/T-×××-20** 碱矿渣混凝土应用技术规程. Technique Specification for Application of


Wuxi Xiguang Organic Silicones Material Plant. C11 Shenzhen Colorful New Material Co., Ltd. C44, C45

导磁板图片_导磁板大全/细节图 - 慧聪网海量高清精选图片

导磁板 magnetic material. c45系列引弧片

天津市钢筋混凝土桥梁耐久性设计规程(审批稿) - 闻


山东省工程建设标准 DB -

DB37/T****-20** J1****-**** 混凝土结构防腐阻锈防水抗裂技术规程. Technical specification for anticorrosion,rust-resistant,waterproof

建设部备案号: DB

4 material 8. 4.1 Material 钢筋类型 混凝土强度等级 C20 C25 C30 C35 C40 C45 C50 C55 ≥C60 光面钢筋 235级 37d 33 d 29 d 27 d 25 d 23 d 23 d


This Section is designed to test your ability to understand spoken English. You will hear a selection of recorded materials and you must answer the ques tions that


N/C45/8000. 0840-8688. 1988-Cogeneration & distributed generation journal: Journal of intelligent material systems and structures:


锚杆孔注浆材料 grouting material 基体混凝土标号 C15 C20 C25 C30 C35 C40 C45 C50 水泥砂浆或水泥浆体 (MPa)

服装QC工作流程 - saga63742094的日志 - 网易博客

对包装(Packing):检查箱唛(shipping mark)、包装方法(packing method)、包装物料(packing material 的口袋布为T/C45×45/65

标准名称 -

水泥基灌浆材料 cement-based grouting material. 涂覆量 200g/㎡ 涂覆量300g/㎡ C25 3.1 5.1 C35 2.5 3.6 C45 2.3 3.2 不同涂布量氯离子


海南瑞泽新型建材股份有限公司首次公开发行股票并上市招股意向书 (三亚市田独镇迎宾大道干沟村) 保荐人(主承销

采购商: 超值汽车用品 -

8中国(上海)国际跨国采购大会采购清单 (截至7月25日) 跨采在线: . 跨采大会: 本


10.3 Tailoring and Cleaning of Fiber Material 35. 10.4 Preparation of Structural Adhesives and Pasting 35. 10.5 Curing 37. 2 若检测结果介于C20~C45

中华人民共和国江西省审计厅 -

In our opinion, the financial statements identified in the first paragraph present fairly, in all material respects, CQS TA_C45 2015-9-30

山东省工程建设标准 DB -

5 Material Requirements 强度 混凝土强度等级 C15 C20 C25 C30 C35 C40 C45 C50 C55 C60 C65 C70 C75 C80 0.91 1.10 1.27 1.43 1

标准编制提纲 -

前 言. hy/t 187《海水循环冷却系统设计规范》分为5个部分: ——第1部分:取水技术要求 ——第2部分:排水技术要求

UDC. 中华人民共和国行业标准 JGJ. P JGJ 52-20. 1X. 普通混凝土用砂、石质量及检验方法标准. Standard for technical requirements and

轻物质 light material. 混凝土强度等级应按立方体抗压强度标准值(MPa)划分为:C10、C15、C20、C25、C30、C35、C40、C45、C50

Steel processing product Applicaiton industries

Main Steel Grade: A36,SS400,S235JR,S355J2,S355JR,S355K2,S420N, S690Q,A283GRC, A572Gr70, A514GrF,A588GRA,A588GRB,S460Q,S690QL1,More Details, Kindly Check The Table As Follows.

Steel processing product applicaiton is widely,used in many industries.

Electric power field

Bridges and Construction steel structure

Auto parts

Pressure Vessels

Offshore operation equipment

Mechanical parts

Engineering machinery equipment

Steel Processing Equipmen

  • Heat treatment furnace

    Heat treatment furnace

  • Boring machine

    Boring machine

  • CNC milling machine

    CNC milling machine

  • Bending machine

    Bending machine

  • Plasma cutting machine

    Plasma cutting machine

  • Flame cutting machine

    Flame cutting machine

  • Press machine

    Press machine

  • Submerged arc welding machine

    Submerged arc welding machine

  • Surface grinder

    Surface grinder

  • 500T Punching machine

    500T Punching machine

OEM/ODM Service

OEM/ODM Service

Known as a large ODM enterprise, BBN steel can provide OEM and ODM service for different companies according to their demands. Our company will adopt advanced vertical machining center, and various advanced precision machining equipments, certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and PED. Our machining steel products have been exported to many countries all over the world./p>

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